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FMCSA Announces New ELD Waiver

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) today announced additional steps to address the unique needs of the country’s agriculture industries and provided further guidance to assist in the effective implementation of the Congressionally-mandated electronic logging device (ELD) rule without impeding commerce or safety. FMCSA is announcing an additional 90-day […]

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A Deeper Dive Into the AHCF’s 2017 Economic Impact Study

(Washington, DC)- While the equine industry as a whole generates approximately $122 billion in total economic value, it’s commonly thought that the “big three” that are the primary economic drivers: Recreation, Racing, and Competition. However, the American Horse Council Foundation (AHCF) felt it was also important to bring in a new sector of the industry’s […]


AHCF Announces Results of 2017 Economic Impact Study

AHCF Announces Results of 2017 Economic Impact Study February 28, 2018 (Washington, DC)- The American Horse Council Foundation (AHCF) is pleased to announce the results of its anticipated 2017 Economic Impact Study of the U.S. Horse Industry. The AHCF would like to thank The Innovation Group for their work on this important study. The equine […]

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Welcome To The New Horsemen’s News

Welcome to the new Horsemen’s News. We’re excited to announce our new bi-monthly publication, The Horsemen’s News. THN is a new equine print publication in Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Each issue features articles, events, and information throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. Our publication is designed to be a valuable resource of information of news […]


2018 Northwoods Triple Crown Dates Announced

The dates for the 2018 Northwoods Triple Crown are August 10-12,2018. Held at the Langlade County Fairgrounds in Antigo, WI, this event held its inaugural year in 2017. The Triple Crown is 3 days of fun, food, and excitement. From clinics to demonstrations, bull riding and barrel racing, to shopping and grilling competitions, there is […]