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Hay Before Grain, Or Vice Versa?

by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D., Getty Equine Nutrition Which should be fed first “ hay or grain?  If you’re feeding correctly, this issue is truly a moot point because the horse should have access to forage (hay and/or pasture) 24/7 with no gaps. Therefore, when fed concentrates, the horse’s digestive tract should already have hay flowing through it. If fed starchy cereal grains (oats, […]

Featured Health, Wellness, & Nutrition

Complementary Care Serves to Compliment the Horse

More than ever before, horse owners have ample opportunity to promote longevity and quality of life of their equine companion and/or performance horse. From equine massage to chiropractic care and therapeutic shoeing to specialized services, horse owners are blessed with an abundance of options to choose from, or partner together for a whole-horse wellness strategy. […]