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Wisconsin Horse Council and WSH Equine Foundation Scholarship deadlines approaching

Deadlines for the Wisconsin State Horse Council Scholarships are approaching. The Jan Spencer Scholarship deadline is February 15th, 2019. Jan Spencer was a member of the Wisconsin Horse Council and served in several officer positions. She was active in the equine industry and an advocate for education. After Jan’s passing in 2015, the Jan Spencer […]

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Therapeutic Farriery

Jillian Mills, DVM, DACVSMR, CERP, CVA, Starwood Equine Veterinary Services – Courtesy of AAEP Question: What are your thoughts on barefoot trimming for horses with moderate navicular disease? Answer:  Navicular disease is a syndrome affecting not just the navicular bone itself, but the entire podotrochlear apparatus located in the heel of the foot. Advanced imaging modalities, […]

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All About That Tape

by Valerie Pierzina, CESMT and Grains & Manes Equine Massage Therapy    While most complementary therapies are becoming widely accepted and commonplace in the equine industry, there is one that remains unknown to some or met with skepticism by others. This modality is Kinesiology taping. The practice of Kinesiology, and the unique tape itself was […]

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Dealing with horses that bite

 Many horses are inclined to bite. It’s an unpleasant habit that can result to injured fingers and bruises on any place your horse sneaks a bite. The habit of biting people is quite different from windsucking, cribbing or fence chewing. Horses can bite hard, resulting in serious injuries. Your horse might intend it as a […]

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Hay Before Grain, Or Vice Versa?

by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D., Getty Equine Nutrition Which should be fed first “ hay or grain?  If you’re feeding correctly, this issue is truly a moot point because the horse should have access to forage (hay and/or pasture) 24/7 with no gaps. Therefore, when fed concentrates, the horse’s digestive tract should already have hay flowing through it. If fed starchy cereal grains (oats, […]