Wisconsin Horse Alliance
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Wisconsin Horse Alliance

In the Fall of 2015, many dedicated horse enthusiasts from around Wisconsin came together to start the conversation about creating a networking and educational group dedicated to the well being of Wisconsin horses, as well as the humans that love them. This meeting involved equine veterinarians, humane society and rescue staff/volunteers, horse owners, and many people that simply believed that horses deserved the same awareness as other animals in need. This first meeting turned into more and more meetings centered on developing a name for our group, short-term and long-term aspirations as well as a mission statement.  In 2016, the Wisconsin Horse Alliance officially became a 501c3 organization complete with board members, a website, and a whole lot of enthusiasm surrounding our journey to making Wisconsin a great place for all horses. 

 Our mission has been to ensure the safety and well being of Wisconsin horses through empowering owners, coordinating resources and educating the community. Over the last 3 years, our group has been involved in a variety of efforts to uphold and achieve this goal such as:

Developing a resource page on our website full of important information such as “What to do if you suspect equine abuse/neglect”, “Resources for re-homing your horse” and much more. 

Hosting many Rescue Roundtables which are one-day seminars filled with speakers on a variety of topics to help our rescues expand their knowledge and network.

Helping struggling owners and rescues receive discounted or fee-waived hay.

Assisting owners with finding placement options for horses needing to be re-homed.

Being a presence and tabling at law enforcement conventions.

Organizing the 2018 Midwest Rescue Horse Trainer’s Challenge, an amazing event to showcase the culmination of a 90 day training program for rescue horses and local trainers focused on helping rescue horses gain skills to help them find loving homes.

 Our Midwest Rescue Horse Trainer’s Challenge has definitely been the highlight of our group thus far. Working with these talented trainers, helping rescues pick appropriate equine candidates, updating our followers on Facebook with photos and videos of each team’s progress, getting to work with amazing sponsors and donors and then watching it all come together at the competition in September was truly heartwarming. Each pair showed off their progress and skills with one of the highlights being the freestyle class where Team Samantha who rode over a bridge, blindfolded! The event allowed the horse community to see how versatile rescue horses can be as well as how all horses can become solid partners with a little dedication, faith and love. Because of the event, all but one of the participating horses have been adopted along with an additional 2 adoptions that happened because of someone learning about other available horses at some of the rescues! Learn more about not only this event but everything related to our organization on our website, www.wisconsinhorsealliance.org , or our Facebook pages “Wisconsin Horse Alliance” and “Midwest Rescue Horse Trainer’s Challenge”.

 We are looking ahead to 2019 with a lot of optimism and hope to continue to expand our resources as well as welcome new networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. We invite you to join us at this year’s Midwest Rescue Horse Trainer’s Challenge sponsored by Triple Crown on Saturday October 19th at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI where we will join together with awesome rescues, talented trainers and a supportive community to celebrate the success of deserving horses that will be ready for adoption that weekend.

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