Back Country Horsemen of Wisconsin

Back Country Horsemen of Wisconsin

Back Country Horsemen of Wisconsin (BCH-WI) is a state organization of Back Country Horsemen of America. BCHA’s foundation started in Montana’s Flathead Valley in 1973 around a cowboy campfire.

 America’s established wilderness was new and how horsemen were going to responsibly protect it going into the future was the question. BCHA was conceived as, and remains, a boots on the ground, service organization dedicated to working on trails and advocating for equestrians’ access to public lands. BCHA is now a national organizations 13,000 members strong. In 2017 BCHA members spent 324,154 hours working on horse trails. Our advocacy work stretches from members, land managers, saddle clubs and associations, our states and national organization, local representatives, all the way to the Congressional Hill.

 Back Country Horsemen of Wisconsin is proud to continue this tradition in our state with our uniquely beautiful landscape. We ride from our Glacial Plains, Ridges, Moraines, Northern Highlands, to the Superior Coastal Plains, and everywhere in between. Imagine some of your favorite trail moments, traveling with your equine partner. Those moments need to be protected. Wisconsin holds millions of acres in public land rich in resources and recreation. A humbling fact is equestrians only account for about 3% of all user groups. We need to earn our seat at the discussion table so we can continue to enjoy our public lands. We do this by putting boots to the ground, and working together to advocate.

 We have many opportunities for members and public to get involved; such as events and membership activities. Our main events; TRAIL BLAZ’N our trail work and ride days, TRAIL MIX’ER our riding and dinner social event, and TALK’N TRAILS our public speaking event on trail issues. If you are interested in showing off your local trail, proposing a work day, having a director do a talk, or joining; contact us by email: or on Facebook:

Lisa Docter

BCH-WI President

BCHA National Delegate

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