Sharing Your Passion within Your Practice

Katie Mason’s love for horses started when she was just five years old. “As soon as I became aware horses existed, I was hooked,” she said. Mason grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and by age 13 was not only taking riding lessons, but leasing a horse and looking for ways to convince her parents to purchase the leased horse. “I remember negotiating with my parents to purchase my first horse. I prepared an entire document outlining the reasons a purchase would be a good idea, right down to detailing every cost,” she said.

 Fast forward now 30 plus years and Mason has managed not only to turn her great negotiating skills into a successful career as a Milwaukee attorney, but also developed her practice and passion into an outlet for advocacy.

 Two years ago Mason helped spearhead the “Equine Law” specialty practice at Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. Today, Reinhart is one of a select few law firms in Wisconsin who have a dedicated team of attorneys focused on Equine Law. “There are a lot of legal issues horse owners, trainers, barn owners and others in the horse community face,” Mason said.

 Living and practicing in a state where cows rule, Katie says it’s important that her work can help a large population that many might not even realize exists. Katie says Southeast Wisconsin and Southwest Madison have a dense population of horses and people who participate in horse-related sports.

 Licensed to practice in both Wisconsin and Illinois, Katie says a lot of her clients are largely the result of connections she’s made throughout her lifetime spent being around horses.

“Through my lifelong connection with horses, I have met the most incredible people and clients who are just as devoted to their horses and the horse community as I am.”

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